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The All Star season begins

Posted by David McNair on June 26, 2011

After two weeks of hard practice, and opening ceremonies, the 2011 McIntire 9-10 All Stars faced Louisa on Saturday, June 25 for a 1:30pm game and walked away with a 8-4 victory.

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New logo rocks the City

Posted by David McNair on December 15, 2006

satellite.jpgToday, the Charlottesville-Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau unveiled Charlottesville’s new logo. Did we have an old one? And, boy, what a logo it is! After 22 months of trying this, and that, and scratching that out, and adding that, what the Bureau came up with is a logo with a fat “C” on one side and an even fatter “E” on the other side sitting on top of the “Virginia” in the University of Virginia logo that they say captures our “personality” of “creativity, history, and elegance.” And it only cost $65,000!

Already, it’s creating quite a buzz. The Daily Progress posted the story and invited citizens to post comments. What do you think of the new logo? the DP asked. Well….let’s see. Just a minute…

Okay, so no one has posted a comment yet, but we’re sure that will pick up.

In the meantime, Bureau officials hope their new outreach campaign–which will feature the new logo everywhere!–will draw more of the already too many educated and wealthy people we already have here.

“A new logo? I gotta place for the new logo,” says Charlottesville resident Floyd Blunt, who was busy looking for work on a median strip at the intersection of Hydraulic Road and 29 North. “Right here on my elegant…” (Sorry, we didn’t get the last part of what Mr. Blunt said, as the light changed and we had to keep going.)

Further down the road, at Greenberry’s, café dwellers pondered the meaning of the new logo.

“I think the fat “E” is very erotic,” says Veana Hooch, a grad student at UVA. “It’s like a wide open mouth with the tounge sticking straight out…very provocative.”

Kevin Banks, a State Farm Insurance salesman getting a haircut at Staples, said, “It looks okay to me. But what do I know?”

“Who the fuck cares about a fuckin logo, motherfucker?” says Tony Solinto, a New Yorker originally, who moved here only recently and works as a waiter at a popular urban-style restaurant on the Downtown Mall.

“Are you a reporter?” asks Heidi Shleck, a high school senior at Charlottesville High School with almost no waist and a tatoo of a crab on her an exposed midrift. “Oh, it’s just an online thing? Never mind. What a creep.”

Clearly, Charlottesville citizens are just beginning to feel the impact of the new logo. As UVA professor of philosophy, Phillip Shreverwitz points out, sudden changes in the identity of our surroundings can disorient people for a period of time. “When it has sunk in that we live in a creative, historic, elegant place, which could take years,” says Shreverwitz. “Then maybe you’ll begin to see people adjust to it. Right now, the community is really in a state of shock.”

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City falls in love with itself

Posted by David McNair on December 14, 2006

Only crap! Did you see C-ville’s subhead for their cover storythis week? “It’s all about us:
2006 was the year Charlottesville became the center of the musical universe.” And they mean it, too. Sounds to us like 2006 was the year Charlottesville started believing it was the center of the universe. Didn’t the Hook run something about us being the Little Apple? Little Rotten Apple is more like it! Heck, why does Charlottesville need a PR department or Charlbemarle need a new branding campaign when we have C-ville Weekly and The Hook? Will someone please tell us what’s going on here?

Ah, we’re sorry….that’s are job, isn’t it? Hang on….we’ll call some people and get back to you.

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Welcome to Harlottesville Daily!

Posted by David McNair on December 14, 2006

Several years ago, when I was still living in my ex-mother-in-law’s house–well, shack, really–in Esmont, I drove over the Freebridge into town and noticed that someone had removed the “C” on the Charlottesville sign. Harlottesville. Well, I couldn’t stop laughing. I laughed all the way to the Locust Ave bridge until an old pick up beside me with a bunch of redneck landscapers, all laughing themselves–although I don’t know what about–slammed right into the back of a mini-van that had to stop suddenly because there was a traffic back-up at the 250 and McIntire intersection. Damn, now that wasn’t funny at all! Unbelievably, no one was hurt…the rednecks all stumbled out of the old truck and the dizzy mom got out to see the back of her mini-van all crunched up like an accordion.

Harlottesville. An old truck full of laughing rednecks. Traumatized moms in mini-vans. Traffic. Just another day in Charlottesville. Or was it?

Anyway, our fine city maintenance crew quickly replaced the “C” a few days later, and the city went back to being Charlottesville. But, for some reason, I just couldn’t get the vandalized version out of my head. Harlottesville. Absent a single letter, like a proper lady absent a blouse button, the town lost all its pretentiousness. Suddenly she was lewd, wanton…and possibly available? Beneath her dignified exterior there was another side to her, a side that longed to reject social formalities and openly express her inner slut. Harlottesville, you go girl!

And so Harlottesville Daily was born. Here’s to Charlottesville without its “C” on. Enjoy!

Nick Nichols, editor

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